The first mission was getting it through the (if you're a manta owner, dreaded) MOT. Some welding, exhaust putty, and a headlight reflector sorted that out.

I was expecting worse, and was pleasently surprised that the chassis legs didn't need any attention. Given that the coupe's in good structural shape, it's a perfect donor vehicle for the V6. Now that decision is made, it'll need the drivetrain, brakes and suspension uprating. Here's a rough list of what I'll be doing to prepare the car for the v6.


Lightened XE flywheel
Helix sprung paddle friction plate
helix heavy duty cover plate
std Getrag 240 initially, going to type9 with SC gearkit, or a T5/T56 if I can find a bellhousing. std prop (till it breaks)
Std Axle with 3.44 ratio and zf plate diff.


280mm willwood disks and 4 pot wilwood calipers on the front
citroen BX front calipers and BMW 260mm disks on the back
22mm master cylinder, adjustable wilwood bias valve.

The car

Silver Manta Coupe, completely standard, running CIH lump. needs

seal up underneath, clean and paint
Rallyslag Mudflaps
Uprated springs and dampers
Polybushes and new balljoints

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