One of the problems with the v6 going into a manta, is that the crossmember between the front wheels goes straight through the sump. there's many ways of getting round this like custom sumps and chopping the crossmember. I've decided to move the engine back so the the cross member is in front of it. This involves chopping the bulkhead and transmission tunnel, and moving it all back 12" or so.

The first stage is to strip the front end of the car down. This is also a good time to remove the sound deadening to get at any rust which may be hidden, and to remove the seam sealant for the same reason.

Stripping the car

With the front stripped out, there's a few rust patches hiding under the carpet which need dealing with, but overall the shell looks in great condition. The next step is taking the engine out, which I'll do when next months pay packet appears and I can purchase an engine crane!

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