Did a bit more on the transmission tunnel, welded it up one of the seams I hadn't got finished the previous session.

I then fitted the engine onto 2 mounts, one at the front, and the gearbox mount at the back. I made sure I didn't push the engine too far back to maximise space for the primaries.

However, once I'd fitted the starter motor and alternator, there isn't enough space on the drivers side to run the primaries straight down, so it looks like I'll need to run them forward in front of the engine, get them going into the secondaries, and then route them to the back of the car.

If I do this, then I can to it 2 ways. I can have 2 sets of 3 primaries 240 degrees apart (1&3&5, 2&4&6) joining up to 2 secondaries, and then route the 2 secondaries back, OR join 1&4, 2&5, 3&6, and have 3 sets of 2 primaries 360 degrees apart, and then route them to the back.

The latter method sounds like an arse, but would mean that the engine would be more sensitive to primary lengths, and that the formula for 4 and 8 cylinder engines would be applicable to the v6. I've got some thinking to do on that.

Once the engine was bolted in, it's much easier to see where the 3rd engine mount can go. I now have a plan, lol.

Here's the pics then.

engine in.

not much space here for the primaries

more this side as there's no steering column, starter motor or alternator.

loads of space behind the engine now.

when the starters in there, there really is no space for the primaries.

view inside the car. there really isn't a huge amount of difference. yet.

some views with the wings and bumper on.

It's coming along. Next job is to test for sure that the primaries won't fit, then place the engine accordingly.

Roll on the weekend…..

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