2003-07-29 List of Jobs still to do

2003-07-29 List of Jobs still to do

During a particularly boring training session, I got the opportunity to list what's left to do on the manta.


Plate pedal box, battery box shelf and hole, drivers floor, passengers floor
Rebuild the transmission tunnel
Remove chassis legs, repair the floor where necessary, rebuild the chassis legs with box section, and build new jacking points.
Install a Rollcage
Possibly install a 4 link system on the rear axle.
Shorten the propshaft
Fit ZF plate diff into a decent axle casing.
Rear link bushes/rose joints.
Sort out front end rust
Build clutch cable mounting point on pedal box bulkhead
Paint engine bay and inside of the car
Sort out the bodywork
Rosejoint steering arms
fit wheelstuds and spacers
Get some tyres for the revolution wheels.


Using dummy heads, build up exhaust mainfolds and the exhaust system.
Finish profiling the inlet ports and runners
Fit trumpets and seal up plenums
Planum bracing and throttle linkage
Get Valves and seats reground
Build up engine
Modify Gearbox so starter motor fits
Purchase clutch
Take lightened flywheel from 16v and swap for std one.
Fit lightened flywheel, clutch and gearbox to V6.
Fit engine.
Mount the radiator
Find 3 more coils
Figure out ECU position, and finalise loom to fit.
All engine bay wiring.
Purchase ECU

I also costed it all out, and it's coming in at around 4k left to spend. Ouch.

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