Well, I got a bit done….

First off, I minced about fitting the 400 front end.

The wheels are 15×7 revolutions, and they seem to fill the arches effectively enough.

I then tried it with the 16's off the manta, and they looked good too!

The front kit is bolt on, so is nice and easy to fit and look at 🙂

It'll look much better when it's all been sprayed. The panel gaps do need a bit of work though….

I then moved the engine further back, and it's all looking much better, a little tighter on the manifold front, but still do-able.

I started on the drivers and passengers floors, stripped the remaining soundproofing, cur out the rust, and started plating… seems like it takes forever to get the shell finished….

I got bored with the welding, and started mincing about fitting one side of the 400 kit, and it's starting to take shape. it's a second hand kit, and it shows! There's loads of filler on the kit, and once I've fixed it to the car, I've the pleasurable task of removing it all.

Nice side profile 🙂

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