Righty ho.

Did some more patching in the bay last night, and stripped out where the battery usually lives. It looks much better now. I've an hour or so of welding to go on the floor plates I've tacked in, and then that'll be done.

I then chopped a load of the floor plan out around the transmission tunnel so I can fit the exhaust primaries in beside the gearbox. Of course this means that I've chopped out the gearbox mount so the gearbox is now resting on a large piece of wood, lol. I started to fit the transmission tunnel, but it's a job I'll finish off on saturday. I'll rebuild the gearbox mount to maximise the space for the exhaust, as at the moment, it limits ground clearance.

I've decided to run with the manta getrag box for the moment, and I'll see how well it copes. It'll get me on the road sooner too.

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