Righty ho.

Did the chassis rails, photo's to follow. Got very little done on saturday, as I was knackered from the weeks work. I borrowed the plasma cutter again, but with a different compressor, and the whole lot didn't work, as when combined, they took too much power and the compressor kept turning itself off 🙁 I ended up removing the chassis rail off using the grinder and brute force. I tacked the new rail on, and gave up.

After a couple of good nights sleep, I started on the other side. And gave up, as the grinder broke 5 minutes later! One new grinder, a few disks, the odd burn, and a red bull later, the second chassis leg came off.

Brian arrived sometime around then, and minced about like a pro, until he started on the welding. While he was happily burning holes in himself and the car, I lopped off the other rear arch for the 400 kit, and tacked a liner in place. It's starting to look great, there's loads of space in the arches for wheels. I'm thinking about 16" compomotives, probably 8" or 9" wide for the back, as there's loads of wide 16" tyres available as most older porches use them.

I also did some investigation on the A pillar and discovered that opel (in their 'wisdom' put a skin over the pillar with no rust proofing, way to go! the amount of rust in it was very worrying. Still, now I've found it, I can do something about it.

Back to the chassis legs, and Brian's done a sterling job, and while there's loads of welding to be done to finish it, they certainly aren't going to fall off. so, using craftily taken measurements, I drilled the back two holes for the sub frame, and fitted it back on to the car… well, after a bit of adjustment it fitted, slightly further forward then before, but that makes the engine even further behind the front wheels, and can only help. Brian did a comedy special and nearly pushed the shell off it's axle stands , which gave me heart attack!

I've loads to do to the shell still, loads of seaming, plating and priming, a couple of days worth, I reckon, but I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

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