The sunroof is out, the cage is in, and did some more tidying up.

The sunroof didn't come out without a fight, which I initially lost to the angle grinder! mmmm… bone, lol. Some blood, swearing and a plaster later, the fight was won, and the roof removed. The initial plan to rebuild it using the original sliding roof as a panel was abandoned in favor of riveting in an aluminum sheet, as the panel was surprisingly heavy, and I couldn't be arsed with more welding.

With the roof out, It was time for the cage to go in. after a few trial fittings, I welded in some mounting plates for it, and bolted it in. It does look mighty fine with a cage in it….. 2 hours and a lot of 'mmmm cage' thoughts later, I started doing some of the welding on the floor.

It's starting to come along a bit now, did I mention that the cage looks great, lol.

Next time will be purely welding. I'm going to put the shell up on axle stands and take off the axle and the front subframe. that way I can access the bottom of the shell easily to finish all the welding, start on the exhaust, and finish the interior without getting wet. I can also rebuild the axle and the subframe while the shell's imobile. Good time to remove the underseal too.

Being a class plum, I left the camera in the garage, so there's no pics yet… Thanks to Jhonno for his help when fitting the cage.

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