Updated Shell todo list: (time in hours, cost)

Chassis legs – finish welding, adjust subframe mounting holes (5)

Drivers floor – measure up space for floor mounted pedel box, and if possible, buy, fit and strengthen area (10/2, £200)

Build bigger exhaust tunnel from gearbox to back of car – need to finalise exhaust design, then to figure out the silencer size and placement. may need to rebuild one of the silencers to be a bit smaller (5)

plate rear arches and fit 400 rear arches started one side, need to finish it off, and do the other one (5)

prime engine bay, drivers floor, and chassis legs (must get some more primer!) (1, £10)

remove underseal, clean up, and prime underside of car full underbody cleanup(5)

figure out ventilation research heated screens, roof vents, and possibly a blower (4, £150)

cage fitted, need to purchase bolts, finish mounting points, and prime. (3, £20)

fit remaining 400 kit need to get fixings to bolt front end together, and securely fit skirts. (2)

Subframe rebuild Fit polybushes to wishbones, clean everything up and paint/powerdcoat. (5, £50)

fit brakes and brake lines. once pedel box finished, then fitting the brakes will be easy (4)

fit fuel tank, swirl pot and pumps, and fuel lines need to purchase some braded hose to run inside the car (3, £30)

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