Amazing how easy the scope of a project can change from the beginning to the end!

In a vane hope to stop 'scope creep' (guess who'se just done a project management course!) I'm going to write down the plan, and try and stick to it, lol. There'll be bits I've missed, but the spec is what I want to stick to, no more 'oh, I could just do that….'

The Shell.

Build exhaust tunnel and fit exhaust. Strengthen chassis as necessary.
finish welding up passengers chassis leg, and check alignment of subframe bolt hole.
Finish passenger floor (front and rear, including removing old seat mount)
measure and trial fit floor mounted pedal box. Purchase bias bar and master cylinders. Fit.
Build clutch pedal and fit
when pedal box fitted, then finish drivers floor and chassis leg welding.
Remove existing pedal box and plate over hole.
finish cage mounts and drill holes
Purchase cage fasteners
paint floorplan
build engine mounts and purchase bushes.
fit alternator
rebuild the rear engine mount.
shorten the propshaft
buy/make and then fit steel torque tube and spherical bearing
fit LSD to axle
recon calipers
fit fuel pumps, swirl pots
Purchase front coilovers, and fit
purchase tyres
strip and remove subframe, replace fasteners, fit bushes, paint, and refit.
determine what rad to use, buy and fit.
build rad ducting
Fit brakes and brake lines
tidy up wiring
paint cage
clean up roof and prime
determine sunroof hole filling method, and then get on and do it!
Purchase tubing and flanges, build exhaust manifolds, make collectors etc
water plumbing, make headertank.
purchase bucket and harnes and fit.
Build dash
Build strutbrace
remove all underseal and paint underneath of the car.
strip everything out of the car and paint engine bay and interior
clean up bodywork
fit properly, fill where necessary, and prime.

The engine

Finish off porting work
build flanges for webber 40's
make bends and fit trumpets to go into plenums
figure out throttle arrangements
lap in valves and rebuild heads
strip bottom end, and attempt to build it into a 2.8 (2.5 crank and rods, 3.0L pistons and rods)
build up engine
fit into car
Purchase ecu, and make loom the correct size.

That should keep me skint and busy for a while!

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