Started on the exhaust routing, and engine mounting yesterday. The car's currently on axle stands in the garage.

I've decided to bin the existing engine mounts, as I want to move the alternator to the opposite side of the engine, and the current mounting method doesn't allow this. V8Chevette (Paul) used mk2 escort leaf springs as mounts, and walked me through his mounting system. It seemed like a great plan, so i decided to do it too.

I originally planned to mount it to the chassis and mount the alternator underneath it, but on closer inspection, it's much more practical to mount it lower down onto the subframe and then mount the alternator on top.

It's starting to look promising, but the drivers side engine mount is going to need some thought, as there's no convienent mounting points on the engine where the mount needs to be. I'm going to have to make a bracket which bolts on in place of the alternator, and mount the engine mount to that.

Now to the back of the car, and I started looking at trying to fit a 3" exhaust with 2 20" silencers. Well, that ain't going to happen, lol.

Well, you say that, but……….

Having got the exhaust this far forwards, I decided that the exhaust could easily go under the prop near the gearbox, as there'd be plenty of space for the prop. Unfortunately, the handbrake was in the way. It's also in the way of the gearlever so I've removed it, and I'll relocate it probably to the transmission tunnel, or I may try and get hold of a 2cv handbrake and dash mount it, lol.

When doing all this chopping, I started hitting structural cross members. I have a cunning plan to keep the chassis as rigid as before, and to retain the original components. I'm keeping the sections I cut out, and re-assembling them to fit the reprofiled floor :). Not that cunning a plan, really, but hopefully it'll be effective.

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