Been busy with getting the black manta through it's MOT, but I've found time to get on with the coupe.

I've rerouted the exhaust over the top of torque tube crossmember, and I can fit it in even easier now. The exhaust routing is now nearly finished, I just need to mount it on rubbers. I've started plating it in, once that's finished, there isn't that much left to do to the shell, just the roof, jacking points, and the pedal box. I can't wait to get the shell finished, as it's driving me up the wall.

I've also taken out the windscreen, in anticipation of a heated one.

The manifold bits should be arriving any day now, once they're here, I'll finalise the exact engine position, and start building the primaries. The engine could go down by 1 – 1.5", and the gearbox needs to sit lower. The lowest part is the sump, so I'll need to rebuild it to have wings. In the GM literature on the web, the sump pan is apparantly structural (I wondered why it was so heavily over-engineered), so I'll need to plan the rebuild carefully. I'll add some baffles at the same time, as as much as I'd like to dry sump it, I'll do that after everythings up and running.

The cage is now 90% in, and looks and feels great. I need to finish bolting in the drivers front mount for it, and to reinforce the other mounts.

The sunroof'll most probably get an alloy plate riveted over it, but that depends on the regs in the blue book.

I'll take some photo's next time I'm down the garage.

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