Spent the day on the V6 doing the exhaust mounting and welding up the exhaust tunnel. Finally remembered the camera, so now have some pics too.

This is the beginnings of the exhaust tunnel, I've done the fiddly bit, I'll finish it off once the exhaust's mounted properly. I've refitted a back axle so I can see if theres any axle/exhaust clearence problems, and so far there aren't :). Once I'm happy with that, I'll finish the tunnel.

This is the back end with the 400 rear spoiler fitted and the exclusive rear bumper. Not the best of photos, it looks great in the flesh.

Splurt! This is my favourite view at the moment. I've fitted longer wheel studs, spacers and a 15 x 7 revolution wheel to the axle. With the 400 kit, the cage, and the widened track… it looks great… scuse me, just off to the loo….

The engine bay's taking shape too. I've the front engine mounts in, and the alternator roughly where it's supposed to go. I've now got space for the primaries both sides, and the flanges and tubes should be arriving any day now!

This is the side of the transmission tunnel I've finished. I've primed it to stop the rust, but I've not finished it yet, just run out of motavation with it. I need to weld the underside, and to clean up the welds.. the welding isn't the best, as I had a mare trying to get the welder to be consistant…. I eventually replaced the tip, and that sorted it out… Doh!

This is my latest 'liberation' from works skip, with some of the goodies still to be fitted to the manta! Sad or what!

It does feel that the car's starting to take shape now, but there's still so much to get done… and everything takes much longer than I want it to. I can't wait till the shell's finished, life'll get so much more interesting then!

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