As my exhaust tubing has safely arrived, but no flanges yet, I decided to have a go making some collectors. I started at brian's yesterday and realised that they weren't that hard to make. I made a 2 > 1 (2.25" into 3"), and it came out ok. I decided to remake it today as the tubes going into it were a bit too short, and the merge angle was slightly steeper than I'd like it. I also had a go at making a 3 > 1 (1.75" into 2.25"). This was much harder, but still doable.

Here's all the bends….

…and the collectors

I got a bit sick of welding, so I swapped the back axle for one which would be ok when the car gets moved, and took the car out of the garage. I started cleaning all the underseal off of the drivers side wheelarch, as I'm wanting to put the new liners in place. I also fitted the quads and the bonnet.

I also refitted the rear arch, and took off all the filler from it's previous life. It's going to take some serious work to get the kit looking good, but it'll be worth it.

A bit of a crap photo of the rear coilovers….

A view of the back end in daylight. The poxy flash ruins it… I really must remember to take photo's earlier in the day!

It's coming along, slowly but surely. Once I've moved to bigger premises, it'll make life much easier.

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