I'm cleaning it all up, then hammeriting it in white. I was going to use red oxide primer, then spray it, but I can't be arsed. Hammerite'll do the job.

Some pics then.

The general state of the place….

I started investigating the bottom of the B pillar (Common rust spot on the coupe's, as the sunroof seems to drain there!). Looks awful (crap pic, sorry!) but I've cut it back, and it's an easy repair.

A view from the front. you can see the box section chassis leg replacements. I'm now contemplating spaceframing the front end…..

Check out Brian 'mincer' Sidebotham

Slapped some paint on the clean bits. I started with primer (the red stuff), and promptly ran out. The pinky white is white hammerite. I think I'll finish it off in white.

I also took apart the A pillar and sill at the front, and Wow! What a bad design. The A pillar is a big rust trap, and doesn't even connect to the chassis leg! Time for a redesign….. I'll take some pics of that next time around!

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