Righty ho. Here?s the pictures.

I?ve basically rebuilt the A pillar from the top of the windscreen down with 1?x2? 3mm wall thickness box, and reinforced the top with 3mm plate. I then built the existing 2? box chassis legs up to the top subframe mounting point.

I mounted the bare subframe back onto the chassis, measured and drilled the mounting holes for the subframe in the new chassis legs. Finally, I put a link between the top of the subframe to the middle of the A pillar.

I?m struggling with the size of the bar going from the top of the subframe to the A pillar. I?m tempted to change that to be 2? 2mm wall thickness round tubing, as I think the 1? box would struggle if there was a hard impact on the shell.

I?ll do a load more tonight if I get a chance? I?ve loads of ideas now!

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