More work on the spaceframe….

The whole fibreglass front end bolts onto the frame as it is now. All that's left to mount is the lights and the radiator. I need to learn how to repair fibreglass panels, as the slam panel I've got for the car is snapped in half, and a bit battered in places.

Once the rad and the lights are mounted, then I need to figure out where the front coilovers are going. The options are where the spring goes in the standard arrangement, or mounted inboard on a rocker arrangement. I can't mount them in the origional position, as there are no turrets left! I'd love to mount them inboard, as there's loads of space, and it'd be fun to make! I need to figure it out now, as if they mount inboard, I need to design the mounting points for them into the spaceframe. The front rollbar will also need mounting.

So, loads to keep me busy there!

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