Some more work on the front. The radiator is now mounted at the top, and I've started on the antiroll bar mounts. I spent a lot of time aligning and checking the frame as it is so far.

The shell with the front end bolted on. The slam panel needs lots of TLC (and fibreglass resin) as it looks like it's seen battle!

The radiator is now in, the top is mounted on strips so it's flexible, and I can then get it into it's final position. I'm going to pull the bottom of it towards the antiroll bar mount. I want to expel the heated air from the back of the rad into the vents in the front of the bonnet so the engine bay stays cool.

Loads of space in the bay.

Bit blurry, but the outline of the car is looking good 🙂

I've been looking at different rollcages, as the 6 point one I've got is ok, but doesn't get close enough to the bottom of the windscreen for me to be able to link it to the A Pillar. The spaceframe is transfering more force directly from the suspension mounting points, so I need to ensure that that force gets transfered into the cage/shell, rather than just bending the A pillars!

The best cage I've found so far cost/feature/link wise is a custom cages multilink cage, purchasable from demon tweeks (£415+VAT). The only downside is that it's a weld in cage, which means the roof has to come off to finish the welds on the top of the cage immediately under the roof skin. Arse. I have the feeling that it'll be one of those things that is a real arse to do, but well worth it once the car is driven.

Looking at the car last night, I reckon it'll be much easier to mount the shocks outboard initially, as the rocker arm arrangement will take a long time to sort out, and it's going to be long enough already before I get to drive this thing!

Tonight I'll hopefully finish the antiroll bar mounting, and I'll try and build some anti twist into the front. I'm also looking at moving the front towing eye forward, as it's currently at the front of the subframe, so 3 feet behind the front of the car. Not the best place!

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