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This is possibly the most interesting thread i think i've ever read. It's left me with soooo many questions..

Wow! Thanks Steve!

Quick update…. No photo's as I left my camera at the folks place in the lake district. Doh!

I've fitted a std 2.5L v6 and changed the engine position yet again. it's now much lower and 2" further back from where it was. I've decided to dry sump it, which has meant I can drop it 3" from where it was previously (Quite a significant amount for a 170kg (inc gearbox) lump of metal), as the various sumps I've got are quite deep. I may get away with a modded omega sump to get me started, but I really want to dry sump it.

I've also started on my triangulation mission at the front, and I've finally figured out how to do the area around the bulkhead. I have a feeling that that'll be the next mission, as once that's in place I can build the manifolds and then rebuild the tunnel using a 1" box section frame and aluminum riveted to it. I need to do that because I need a way of passing the forces from the chassis legs down the chassis to the rear, and the tunnel is the easiest way to do that.

I also picked up the complete back end of an omega. it's all built onto a subframe, and only needs 6 bolts to attach it to the car. it's heavier than a manta axle, but will have much less unsprung weight. It's also got a 3.9 rear diff, and it's possible to find the ones with LSD's in, if you try the specialist breakers. I'm also tempted to see if my manta lsd fits the casing, as the carlton LSD's would go into manta axles….. 🙂

It's quite a nice design IMHO, it's trailing arms, ARB, and a camber/toe in adjustment built onto a subframe. It won't be that hard to mount, as I can just link the subframe mounting points up to the cage mounting points, and bob's your uncle! It's not the direction I expected to go in, but the more I look at it, the better it looks. I'll convert the back to 4 stud though, I don't want 5 stud rears and 4 stud fronts.

Watch this space!

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