Did some more over the weekend.

I've started on the transmission tunnel again, bit of an arse cos I thought I'd finished it, lol. Photo's will do a much better job of describing it than I can, so you'll have to wait till I get my camera back on tuesday! I can't finish the tunnel though, as I need to know what to link to at the back.

I also started to trial fit the omega back end. It seems to be good widthwise, but I'll need to remove most of the floor above it's mounting points, I've already had to remove some rear floor so the subframe can fit!

I've really got to decide if the Omega back end is worth fitting, as I'm at the point of no return with fitting it.


IRS – 🙂
Geometry all sorted, just bolt it on straight.
looks (and is) tough.
final drives available from 3.7 to 4.22 as std.


Heavy – the whole thing weighs far more than a solid manta axle, I estimate it to be about 120kg for the whole assembly! The unsprung weight is a fraction of the manta axle though.
5 stud hubs- if carlton ones fit, then I'm laughing!
No LSD currently fitted – worth seeing if a manta one'll fit, if not, they were available as an option, so I should be able to get hold of one.

If I can solve the hubs and the LSD disadvantages, then I'll go for it. if not, then I'll probably stick with the manta axle, and put the omega back end on a shelf out of the way.

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