Righto… now for some pictures.

The overall state of the car. The bracing which has gone in front of the engine is great, it's made a real difference to the strength of the chassis legs, and also adds rigidity to the antiroll bar mounting. I've made a couple of adjustments to it so the electric water pump fits.

There's loads more to do at the front of the car, but I want to get the manifolds built and the sump and engine ancillaries sorted before I can finish all the structural stuff.

I've refitted the steering rack and one side of the front suspension to see what space I've got to play with. It'd be a real pain to put a strut in the way of something. its quite easy to do, and I've had to make a few changes to my plans since checking the wheel arc.

I've put some crossmembers in between the A pillars, these are going to get substantial bracing when finished. You can see the center console taking shape, but the 2 parallel bars above the transmission tunnel will get replaced with something much stronger, probably 38mm tubing, which'll link to the front suspension mounting points as well. The box going across the car just under the door bars is just to support the current construction, it'll be coming out when it's got enough strength to support itself properly.

Back axle fitment. Fits like a glove! Well, it will in a bit!

I.ll either replace the subframe with one build onto the spaceframe, or modify the subframe and weld that onto the spaceframe. Interesting opeltuners article here. http://www.opeltuners.com/qsto/index.html

I've been doing all my budgeting and planning of what I need to purchase, and when. I've decided to have a few months with minimal spending to get all the bits I've started done, as there's not a lot I need for the moment. The only thing I'll buy is a front coilover and spring so I can finish both sides of the front suspension.

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