Hi Simon,

Cheers for the comments. The omega axle is different to the carlton one you used, in that it has an extra link to control camber/toe in. I'm going to use the system as it is at the moment, and see how it well it works. I'll junk the subframe though.

The plan is to seat the driver and victim…. er passenger slightly further back in the car to aid weight distribution, and to ensure that there's enough space for the pedal box.

Sounds like you've got your work cut out with the next iteration of your car. I'm looking forward to seeing it in retro cars!

I've been doing some serious thinking on the floor design of mine. The works 400's had raised floors to give better ground clearance, and given that I'm about to cut all my floor out, I think I'll raise it a bit. I'm also tempted to move the subframe up slightly, so then the car will be lower and I'll still have a decent amount of suspension travel.

Paul (V8Chevette on here) suggested that I make a box section frame for the floor, and weld it to the sills. I can then weld the cage to this, and join it to the A/B pillars. If I play my cards right, I can tack it in, fit the weld in cage, then drop the floor and finish the welding, instead of having to take the roof off to get access to the welds.

I've ordered some 50mm x 50mm x 1.5mm box section to make this frame out of, and tonight I'll start 'preparing' the floor :). The weld in cage arrives next week, so I'm hoping I can make up the frame this weekend to get ready.

I'll build the tunnel out of box section as well, and fit aluminium panelling. I wonder if it'll be the first completely flat floored manta?

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