Angle grinder time!

The car now doesn't have much of a floor plan. The floor I cut out was surprisingly heavy! Once I've trimmed the top chassis legs down to where they need to be, I'll lose even more weight from it, as I won't be using 4mm thick box for the main structural stuff.

The plan now is to build a frame to go into the floor area. I'm going to use 50mm x 50mm 1.5mm box tacked to the sills, and some 40 x 40 x 1.5 box for the cross members. Once that's built, then I'll build the tunnel frame onto that. By then, the cage will have arrived, and I can build up the cage and mount it onto the frame. Then I can drop the frame+cage out of the car onto the floor, and weld up the top. This means I don't have to take the roof off to finish the welding.

Once the frame's back in place, I can seam it in, and link the cage to all the mounting points.

Once that's done, it'll be a major milestone completed!

Thanks to Paul for coming down and helping out.

I seem to be going about this projectly completely the wrong way…. I should have decided to spaceframe at the beginning, and not spent ages messing about de rusting and cleaning up the floorplan/engine bay. Oh well. I guess the next project will benefit from lessons learned in this one.

I'm going to fit the Omega sump onto the test engine, as that is designed for rwd, and has the shallowest sump, so I'll try and push the engine back another 2"so it'll fit in front of the cross member. I'll need to modify the slam panel for clearance, but that needs some attention anyway!

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