Hi Simon, email me the photo's on animal @ valvers . com and I'll host them up here. Why not start a thread in projects to show everyone your A series, it's a great car.

I started on the floor on Saturday… I've put the new frame in, and tacked it onto the sills.

Drivers side

Passengers side


The next step is to raise the subframe and solid mount it onto the spaceframe. I've a few issues to resolve before I'm clear on the subframe mounting, as I trial-fitted the v6 with the omega sump. It moves the engine back another 3", but is too wide at the front for the stock crossmember mounts to go on.

The Omega sump is ideal, as it's designed for rwd (so less oil surge problems), and is the shallowest of the stock sumps I've got. I see a couple of solutions to this. I could make custom sump by grafting the Omega one onto a fwd sump, which moves the pan backwards, or I could do a dry sump conversion. Expensive, but so worth doing. I've run an engine on a dry sump before, and it's a far superior way to go.

I'm going to do the sums for the dry sump system, as there's no point in doing it twice. I'll make the sump pan, and probably the tank. I'll get the bits I need from





Anyway, once I've resolved that dilemma, I'll finalise the subframe mounting points and position, and get it on there.

Once that's done, I'll start on the seat position and pedal box mounting.

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