The cage just arrived!

There was a cd of documentation included, but it seems that demon tweeks removed the MSA Certification! Doh.

They included some photo's of the cage installed in a manta, these are below. From these, I think I'm going to have to add significant amount of tubing to the cage. I'm thinking:

second door diagonal
second rear dioganal
harness bar
windscreen bar.

That's a lot of extra tubing, and the cage in it's current state isn't light. I'll also need to make sure that the cage meets the transmission tunnel in the right place.

Here's the pics then! (These are of a cage built and installed by Custom cages, not of my car, I'm not that quick…. )

Front of the cage

Rear of the cage

Front by drivers foot

Rear mounting to sill and cross member

Rear tunnel mount

Overall, a nice starting point 🙂

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