yeah, that right. it's an interesting shell it's been fitted to, someone's spent a lot of time lightening it.

I did a trial install into the manta last night, and overall it's ace, but there's a couple of issues…. The tunnel mount doesn't fit (it's too wide for the main hoop), and there's an extra piece which looks like it should be a dash bar, but it too wide there too! (photo's below). the top of the diagonal needs a little fettling to get it to fit properly, but that's not too much of a problem.

The cage is really well made, the ends have been done perfectly, and it fits together impressively well.

The back of the car

And again

What appears to be a dash bar, but is too big

the tunnel brace is a couple of inches too wide.

Overall, it's fantastic, but it's a bit annoying that a couple of bits don't fit. I will add the extra pieces I want.

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