What a weekend!

I took Friday off work to start get the car ready for the cage. I spent the day building the sills and bottom of the tunnel. The new sills are built from 16 gauge 2" box section, and the tunnel and crossmember are 1.5" box section of the same thickness. Once that was all built, I spent a while adjusting the cage to fit. It need adjustment because it was designed to go into a normal shell, and not a spaceframe. I also chopped down the dash bar to fit (I removed 3.5" !!!!), and it now fits like a glove.

Here's some pics then!

The centre of the shell is now massively strong, but won't be hugely light. There's very little dead weight though, and when it's all finished will offer loads of protection to the driver and passenger.

Thanks to Brian and Paul, I'm now going to throw away the front subframe, and all my back axle plans, and build double wishbone stuff for the front and rear. Research time! 😀

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