I've had a good read of the site, and it's a fantastically made and thought out project. I'd love to do inboard shocks etc, but I'll start thinking about that once I've designed and built the actual suspension.

Uprights…. If I'm going to go to IRS, then I'll need some rear uprights. I can get some here

here (scroll down a bit)


. It'll cost £100 for a pair, which seems quite reasonable to me. From the photo's, they look fabricated from sheet and the original sierra arms, so I can always strengthen them if necessary. It also keeps it nice and easy to get wheel bearings etc.

Here's the rear hub/upright from the sierra.

Now I see this, I'm probably going to make my own rear uprights!

For the fronts, I can use the standard sierra stuff. The sierras use a McPherson strut, and this needs to be cut down and a boss for the upper wishbone welded on. It's not cast iron like the vaux stuff, it's forged so welding to it isn't an issue. However, there's some nice aluminium stuff in




. For the very ouch sensation, have a look here!

http://www.ultimasports.co.uk/gtr/prices.html (This is what John Beardsmore is using)

I also found a good rod end discussion here.


the research continues….

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