Hi Guys!

I emailed John a few weeks ago to ask him what he used, this is his reply?


The uprights came from a Gardner Douglas Cobra replica kit car. Ultima used to use the same. They were originally developed by Status which is part of Manchester Uni who design and test components for small volume car manufacturers.

I am glad you like the site.


I read a lot on the locost forums last night, and apparantly cortina uprights are hard to find. I guess I could use the manta ones. I'd prefer something a bit taller though!

The sierra rears look great, easy to make uprights for. I found a few threads on the different sierra rear ends, and I'll definately go for the Lobro shafts and a LSD. I'll probably bite the bullet and go for a 7.5" diff, but I don't know what ratios are availabe for it.

Do you have contact info for Geoff Berrisford, as I think I'll need to get custom shafts made due to the wide track of the car width the 400 kit on it.

I had a good look at the Luego and GTS sites, and they look great. I'm a little wary about purchasing kit car suspension stuff for a car of double the weight and eventually double the power… that's what put me of the westfield alloy uprights. I could be completely wrong though. Are the westfield ones cortina copys?

I had a play with the SusProg3D demo program last night, and it looks great, well worth 300 aussie dollars (£125). I'm going to measure up the track and manta uprights tonight and see how the standard suspension was set up. Should be interesting.

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