Hmmmmm… maybe it was. You've got me thinking…

When I spoke to the people who manufactured the cage, I asked about it, and they said it was the dash bar. If it was the roof bar, then I'd have expected the swages on the ends to be different, as the rear diagonal is done completely differently. But it would have been about the right length fro a roof bar….

If it was was, then I'm happy with what I've done, as I'd prefer not to have all that weight at the top. Well noticed, by the way!

I'm going the same way with the door bars… I'm not going to use the ones supplied, as they're so damn heavy. I'm going to use the bars to build the second rear diagonal, and the harness bars, and to remake the door bars (as an X ) from 38mm 14 gauge, as opposed to 45mm 12 gauge!.

I was almost tempted to use 38mm for the whole rear diagonal, but I'd have to remake the structure behind the main roll hoop due to the way it's manufactured. If I'm going to carry that weight, I'd prefer it over the back wheels for obvious reasons.

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