Thanks for the info, I'll go get myself a copy of classic ford!

I painted the 'finished' bits of the shell last night…..

….and measured up the front suspension so I can drop it into SusProg3D (Links on the previous page).

Once I've done that, I can easily redesign it to suit the wider track and wheels/tyres combo I'll be running. The program heavily references Chassis Engineering by Herb Adams. ISBN 1-55788-055-7, which rocks, as it's a great book, and I've got it!

This is the path I think I'll chose.

Cortina uprights (can easily get Westfield alloy versions later (if they're strong enough)).
Rally design aluminum hubs (cheap and light)
Custom wishbones with a slightly widened track to fit the 400 kit
Manta quickRack (If I use the right offset, the steering shouldn't be too heavy).
16" 225/45/16 tyres
Offset to be determined by simulation package


Home made uprights
Sierra Hubs
Sierra Diff
Custom wishbones with a widened track
Sierra/BMW driveshafts
16" 245/45/16 tyres
Offset to be determined by simulation package

This would leave me using ford wheels (easy to get hold of), and easily available parts. It also offers a nice upgrade path for the fronts, and different LSD options for the sierra diff. I've not found any aftermarket diffs for the omega diffs, just the OEM LSD option.

In a way it's sad not to use the manta bits, but I'd prefer to use stuff I can get bits for easily, and with a more affordable upgrade path.

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