Steve, It'll be for sprints/hillclimbs, as I'm not sure I'll be able to get away with it for tarmac rallying… worth a try though!

Hmmmm….. I've just been reading up on rear suspension design and use, and it seems that IRS isn't recommended for high power, high performance cars. This is due to the difficualty of keeping the camber/tracking correct under power. Which is exactly what you said, mantastic.

I'm not too keen on the de-deon concept, but that's based on ignorance (I've never seen one), not because I've any reservations about it's functionaility. I'll do some internet searching and see what I can find.

Hmmm… so, do I make life difficault for myself, or do I just get an atlas and an LSD and be done with it? It'd certainly simplify the chassis design, but I'd be be left with an empty feeling, because I know I could have done much more with it. Maybe I could use an atlas to start with, then redevelop it when I get bored!

I think I may be able to get some cortina uprights… Paul noticed a mk5 cortina estate in his local scrapyard, so I'll pop up there on saturday, weather permitting. I can also get another good look over his chevette as well

When I gat paid next month, I'm going to get everything I need to sort out the driving position of the car, and the full version of SusProg3D. Then I can sort out the driving position, finalise the front bulkhead position, sit in the car and make 'broom broom' noises and pretend to :driving: , and to start building the front suspension.

I'm going to focus on the sills and the roof at the moment, as there's a fair amount of work to be done to them at the moment, so I might as well get that out of the way while there's nothing else to do!

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