Well, it was wet and windy, and the cortina had a triumph perched on top of it, so we left the uprights where they were! There was also a granada ghia with rear disks, which is exactly what I need for IRS/De-dion arrangements.

Speaking of De-dion…. Paul sent me


this link


to a de-dion design, based on all ford running gear. It looks great!

I've been doing the crappy bits on the shell at the moment, like unpicking the scuttle pannel, and welding the sills. I've a few hours left of sill work, but once that's done, then I'll start on the driving position. I need to keep myself on the annoying little crappy jobs until I get paid, as I'm skint and there's loads of little jobs I need to finish. After the sills are done, I need to cleane up and prime the roof, and build the very top of the front bulkhead. As a treat for when I get very bored…, I'll make the second rear diagonal, and the harness bars!

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