Thanks for the info. Lol, I usually just drill the little buggers out, and don't even bother trying to undo them with a torx bit!

Would an XR4i rear end be better than the granada? I know there?s no LSD, but I think it?s 4 stud. I'm not sure about the rear driveshafts though. I know where one is, and I can easily get it. Is it worth getting the 7.5? rear diff over the 7? one? I'm very interested in your viscous diff, how much are you after for it?

I'll use the design as a basis for the de-dion. Now I've seen the plans and photo?s, I?m much clearer on the why?s and hows. If the std ford IRS rear is that wide, then that'll make my life much easier as using spacers to widen the track is a bit of a bodge when you can design and build it the right width in the first place.

I'm interested in using a sierra rack purely because you then get a powered 2.5 lock to lock. The steering on a standard manta is heavy enough as it is, with a quickrack I would expect it to be very heavy. I want to widen the track of the car, and not use spacers. Reasoning is to keep the scrub radius to a minimum, which should make the steering lighter. If I use a sierra rack, I can design the extra width into the spaceframe so the extra width of the rack be an issue. I guess the wheel offset plays an important role as well.

Now that I've decided on the route I'm going down with this car, it means loads of bits I've bought for the car I won't be using, like a LSD, quick rack, rear disk conversion, polybushes etc.. so I?m going to chuck them all into my XE?d manta hatch! I started last night, but that?s another thread!

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