Not done anything to it for a couple of months. I've had a lot of work on, been on holiday, and put my XE'd manta hatch back on the road. It's been nice to have a break from it tbh. I was starting to lose a little enthisiasm as everything I was doing seemed to take me further away from finishing it. Now I've had a break from it, I'm getting much keener to get on with it.

I've got to take some time to drop the front suspension design into the simulator and finish the design, and I also need to figure out the plan for the back axle… either de-dion or IRS.

Once I've done that, I can rebuild the front of the car to suite, as what's currently in front of the A pillars is designed to go around a standard front subframe. If I'm going to all this trouble to spaceframe it, I'd be crazy not to build a proper front end, as opposed to bodging the some of the original car back on.

Loads to do… but before I start it all, I need to build the LSD into an axle for the hatch, and I've a few other niggly jobs lined up for it.

I reckon I'll be starting it in a couple of weeks. When I do, rest assured I'll put an update up here.

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