I actually started on the again manta last night. The plan is to use manta uprights, fabricated wishbones 20mm longer than std (so I won?t need to use wheel spacers with the 400 kit), and to use a manta quickrack. I?ll keep the original mounting points, but chuck the subframe in the bin and build it all onto the chassis. That way I've a proven starting point (the original manta geometry is quite good IMO), and I can spend ages tweeking it to get it how I want it.

I spent some time measured up the old subframe, engine, and chassis, lopped off the existing front end, and made a mock front end to see how it would look. It looked crap, and the engine wouldn?t have fitted very well, so I?ve some creative thinking to do to get round the problems!

I made a start on the bulkhead as well. I finished chopping off the remains of the slam panel and welded some strengthening plates on to the sides of the I pillars ready for a straight crossmember to replace it. I'll probably use some 1" box, and that'll be the top of the bulkhead. I won't need anything much stronger as the cage dash bar is now providing the majority of the strength. I will need to make sure that the A pillars are solidly mounted to the cage.

I forgot my camera, so photos will come next time around.

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