I did shed loads more today. I started building the real subframe. Using 1 3/4" box, I made the bottom section, and the top rectangle which goes between the top front wishbones. I've some pics, but no cable to get them off the camera with. Doh! I should be able to get them up here tomorrow!

It looks great though. Brian recently bought a small precision flat table, which came in very handy for fabrication, as I was able to clamp everything down onto a flat surface and TIG it all together. I used 45 degree angles on all the box to ensure I got the strongest possible joints. The top rectangle is a bit heavier than I expected, but I'd prefer to carry a little extra weight and never have to worry about bending/breaking anything than visa versa.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be able to finish the top (I've the brackets for the wishbones to go on), and I'll then be able to suss out the steering rack mounting, and the lower wishbone mounts. I'm going to make a couple of mock wishbones so I know I've got it roughly right. Once I'm happy with it all, then I'll tack it onto the car, and figure out the triangulation I can add. I also need to check that the engine will fit where I want it to, and that it's easy to put in/take out. I also want to make sure that I've ample space for the pedal box and my feet, which is part of the reason I've made the top wishbone assembly separately as it gives me scope make that space.

I'm really pleased with it, my TIGing is almost respectable 😉 and the structures I've build feel very stong.

Righto, bed time!

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