Loads of photo's now!

The first lot are the current state of the car. The scuttle's been completely removed, and I'm going to build up it's replacement once I'm bored with the front suspension.

A couple of gratuous shots of my TIGing. I'm really pleased with it, and I feel that I'm improving all the time!

This will be the mounting for top wishbones.

Now with brackets…

This is the beginning of the full assembly… The plan is to have the lower wishbone mountings on top of the bottom frame. This was the only way I could fit the sump between the 2 rails.

Today, I fitted a section for the steering rack, and replaced 2 of the supports with diagonal equivalents. I've got to figure out the details of the bottom wishbone mountings, and to do all the triangulation, and then it'll be time for a quick trial fitting. I'm going to make up a pair of mock wishbones so I can see how well it'll work. (or not!)

Just before I left, I made an interesting descovery… I think I've raised the floor a bit too much, as I'm not too sure how much height there'll be for the engine. It'll certainly be a tight fit.

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