Luke, I'm up there all day today (sunday), so give me a bell and come up.

I've spent some more time on the front suspension, I remade the steering rack crossmember, out of 2 pieces of 1"x2" 16 gauge box instead of a 2"x2" piece. Now it's effectively got a 3mm beam in the center. For the rack mounting, I've drilled and sleeved the holes for the mounting bolts, and added a spreader plate for the rack to clamp to. For the suspension, I've added a spreader plate and the damper mounts to the middle of it. I've now welded the crossmember into the frame, and added some strengthening.

Today, I'm going to add the mounts for the rocker arms, and add some more triangulation and strengthening. Once all that's done, then I'll start looking at making up some mock wishbones, mock rockers, and testing it all out.

To go forward with it, I'm going to build a big table to put the shell on. Now it's got a flat floor, it'll be easy to drop the shell onto a big table, and it'll make allignment and assembley much more accurate and easier.

Must remember to take more photo's.. I always seem to take them after I've done a shed load work, and never show the intermediate steps, just the beginning and the end! I forgot completely yesterday, lol!

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