Did some shopping yesterday. broke this (god knows how!) a while ago,

migged it back together ( I know it's cast iron and MIGing wouldn't work etc, but I was desparate). It lasted about a month until it broke again, then I thought I't better get something a bit more usable! One trip to machine mart later, I bought this

and this!

They're both huge, much bigger than I thought when browsing the catalogue. I've been using the red one today, and it's really useful to be able to change it's position, makes things that little bit easier!

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff, now on to the car!

I made some mock wishbones and rockers, and positioned the new front end on front of the car.

Here's the car with subframe. It's just placed on the 2 pieces of box clemped to the car. I started to make a table for the car, but it all went a bit wrong after it turned out that Wickes closed for the bank holiday. Doh! So I'll have to manage with some box!

Here's the arrangement I ended up with. it looks like a good starting point. I'm trying to figure out the arrangement I'll need to build a rising rate suspension, ie the front gets harder the more it compresses. Caroll Smith bangs on about it, so it must be a good thing, lol!

Anyway, here's the suspension at full travel…

and at full droop

So, all in all, it's starting to come together. One thing I really don't like is my bottom wishbone design. It just doesn't fit right. I think I'm going to go back to the original manta design, kinda like this….

this way, I'll be using the crossmember, rather than adding a whole load of extra metal, and the rear mounting point I can add a removable crossmember as the sump has a cut out for the omega crossmember. I'll sleep on that, I think.

So the next stage was putting in the engine to see if anything still fitted. It does, but it's a bit tight!

I added the scuttle back in to see if I'm really buggered…

and I'm not. Phew! It's very close though! If I run into real trouble, I'll have to bite the bullet and dry sump the engine as there's about an extra 3" which could be gained. it's well worth doing anyway, but I'd like to avoid the extra expense at this stage.

What the photo's don't show is that the engine is right against the dash bar (well the engine isn't, but the plenum for the intake is). If this ends up being the final resting place for the engine (which is quite likely), then I'll need to make sure that the TB arrangement doesn't get in the way.

All in all, it was a productive day, but I'm left with a few concerns about stuff fitting. I'm sure I'll figure a way round the problems. Having it all on a nice big flat table will make it much easuer to sort out. On the plus side, there'll be easily enough space for the pedals if I bring the exhaust primaries forward and route the exhaust down the passengers side.

My next jobs will be:

1. getting it all on a table
2. Sorting out driving position
3. finalising engine placement
4. finalising the subframe and the lower wishbone setup
5. joining the subframe to the chassus
6. Triangulation
7. More triangulation!
8. Bulkhead

But not tomorrow, as I'm off to watch the rallycross!

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