Having gone to the rallycross, watched the cars run, and looked round them in the paddock, I've got a few ideas, and some changes to make to the plan!

Rockers are out! Too much complexity, and too many ways it can go wrong!
Radiator will be going in the boot. nice and easy to do, and will help the weight distribution.
Wishbone bracketry will be strengthened more, but I won't over-engineer the wishbones!
cage roof bar good!

Something I was amazed by was that some of the supercars didn't run cam belt covers!

Tonight, I'm going to finish the table, and probably look at how and where to mount the dampers on the subframe.

I've decided on the best way to progress with the lower wishbone. It's going to be slightly lower than I originally planned, but I can mitigate that by raising the ball joint mounting plate on the end of it.

All I need now is another easter holiday to get those bits done!

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