Lol, it seems like making stuff takes ages as well at the moment, lol! As I build it, I keep doubting my plan, and worrying that it won't be strong enough etc. I am slowly getting more comfortable with it, but that's only if I go mental with spreader plates and triangulation. When I've finished it, it'll probably turn out that I was stressing unnecessarily and it's completely overkill, lol.

I've order a few bits for it… The brake and clutch pedals, enough rose joints for one side, and I'm about to order a load of tubing for the cage, wishbones and diff cage.

I've gone back to the dry sumping idea. I can easily lose 3" off the engine height, and that's quite a COG change. I'll build a custom sump that still allows a crossmember to go through it without adding height or complexity. I'll fabricate the tank, sump, modify the std oil pump assembly to remove the pump, but I need to retain the std casting as the oil feed to no. 1 main bearing gets fed from the oil pump, not the block.

I'll take some pics tonight.

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