it's been a while since the last update. I've been beavering away up the garage and haven't had much to post tbh as I've not actually finished anything.

I've still not finished anything, but I have got some nice photos. 🙂

I spent a lot of time on the subframe, and the front of that is nearly finished. I've a load of work around the lower rear wishbone mounts still to do, the rocker mounting points to make, and then the expected fettling once it's all done. I made a jig for the top wishbone, and knocked one out. it came out ok, I found one issue and corrected the jig, so I'll build another next time I'm up.

I spent a load of time umming and arring over the lower wishbone, as the rear mounting point seemed to go through the clutch master cylinder! I diverted attention to the driving position and spent monday mincing about with a seat and pedals. I've found a position I like, but it means a load of fabrication around drivers footwell. Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound, I guess. Still, the pedals are in a position that's comfortable and the lower wishbone can be what I want it to be.

I took a day off today, and made the lower wishbone. I'm using the standard manta ball joints, so I've chopped up a lower wishbone to get the ball joint mount, which I've welded to some 6mm plate which forms the basis of the wishbone. The lower wishbone design means that the steering lock won't be amazing, but it's going to be enough.

Here's the current state of play.

The driving position is good. there's loads of clearance between my head and the cage, even when I'm wearing a lid. there's enough leg room for me, and I need to mage some bracketry so I can mount the column to get a feel for the steering wheel position.

The engine is now 3" lower than before, and I'll be building it a dry sump pan soon. The pan will have a cutout so I can add a removable crossmember which will locate the rear wishbone mounts. the engine mounts will also go on top of the mounting points, so there needs to be a load of strengthening happening.

I probably won't be able to get much done for a week or so, I'm away next weekend and busy nearly all week. The job list is:

build the lower wishbone jig and some wishbones
build 2 upper wishbones
build the spreader plates for the wishbone mounting
build the removable lower crossmember
make the engine mounts
fit the pedal box properly and reinforcing that area of the car.
triangulate the subframe
make the rockers and mounting points
Purchase the front coilovers
mount the subframe onto the car
fit the steering column
triangulate the engine mounts back to the shell
Purchase the bellhousing and gearbox
make/get fabricated an adapter plate for the bellhousing
build the tunnel frame
plan and rough out the manifolds
build the sump pan
build the bottom windscreen section and the top of the bulkhead
build the exhaust tunnel (goes between the passengers legs and under the seat)
fit oil, petrol, and water pipes to go through the chassis. (Oil tank, Rad, and tank will go behind the rear bulkhead)
build the main front bulkhead
Make manifolds and exhaust back to rear of passenger seat
mount front panels and lights back onto the car
Fit crossmembers for the seats and fit the seats.
Fit plate to sunroof and clean up and prime the inside of the shell.
Finish sill work
Fit roof bar
Make and fit dash, handbrake x2 (one hydraulic and one mechanical)
Make rear diff cage, rear wishbones and uprights, and fit to car
Build rear cage and link to rear suspension
Build rear bulkhead
Fit tank, swirl pot, and pumps
make and fit oil tank
find/get made a suitable radiator and fit it.
Fit ducting, rear air scoops and big cooling fan for radiator
get propshaft made.
Panel floor
build engine up
make intake system
fit dry sump pump to engine
more plumbing
more wiring
take it all apart
paint the damn thing
put it all back together again
purchase ECU
loads of wiring and fettling
basic testing, then MOT & SVA
collapse in a heap!

It feels like it's never going to be finished!

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