After a month of more inactivity… I've now got the car a gearbox and bellhousing. The box is a Rwd Cosworth T5, and the bellhousing is a small (250mm depth) 0 degree type9 to vauxhall family 2 engine (XE, V6 etc).

I've taken the ford bellhousing off of the T5, and it's approx 20mm taller than the XE bellhousing, which means I can make an adapter from 20mm plate to fit the box to the xe adapter. The plate looks straightforward to make, but I'll get an engineering firm to to the machining, as if it's not quite right, it'll destroy the gearbox in no time!

Ir also looks east to adapt the setup to a hydraulic clutch arrangement.

I'll take some photo's next time I'm up.

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