Well… I went shopping for some wheels.

And accidentally spent 1400+vat on brakes ! I bought some 315mm disks, group A ford bells, and some huge AP 4pots for the fronts, and a similar 285 setup for the rear.

Whoops! I'm going to pop back to pick up some wheels, I've not decided on 15's or 16's though. The brakes'll fit under 15's, amazingly enough, but I'm unsure about wheels. I think I'd prefer to go to 16's for tyre choice.

The result of this is that I've now got all the running gear for the car, apart from the front hubs. I don't have a camera on me, but when I can find mine, I'll put some pics up.

I'm going to have a quality workshop tidyup this weekend, and then get started on the manta again. I've loads to go, and I'm starting to get some motivation back now!

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