2004-07-17 Progress update….

2004-07-17 Progress update….

It's been a very slow build progress, as I've loads of little bits to consider. I'm pleased with the result though. I've left myself with plenty of engine access, it's easy to pull out and put in, and there's space for an LS1 if I decide to go that route.

here's the pics then!

ALl the tubing is either 38mm 12 gauge CDS or 45mm CDS. It's not going to be mega light, but it's going to be damn strong! The only structures left to put onto the subframe are the front coilover mounting points, and a removable X brace for the top. the shock mount will be a triangle coming off the top level of the frame and will be done such that the coilover is as vertical as possible. The steering rack also needs to be mounted, and that will also be triangulated in. I'm going to aim to do the majority of the triangulation with 16 gauge ERW tubing, as it's light, and i've got loads of it!

The main compramises I had to make were pedal box and engine space. I've had to put the wilwood pedals in a cupboard and try to stop putting them on the table to avoid me trying to put them in, as if they were to fit, it'd bugger up my triangulation.

More later!

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