Hi Graeme! Good to hear from you, I heard through the grapevine that you and an angle grinder had a difference of opinion! Hope you're ok! I'll give you a bell during the week!

I've not done much to the manta in the last few weeks, I've spent some time sorting out the GT4. I did get a 7.5"diff for the de dion setup, so I'll be selling my 7" xr4x4i diff and driveshafts at some point.

I've made an executive decision about engines, and I've decided that I only want to do all this messing about once, so I'm going to get hold of an LS1 block and heads (the bear minimum needed to make sure I can fit everything into the space at the front of the car. Until I get them, the front of the car is basically on hold.

I'm also (nearly) set on a de-dion rear end, as IRS would be too much of a ball ache to get good, and I don't fancy a solid axle on it. A solid axle would be by far the easiest solution, but I'd prefer to go for less unsprung weight. IRS is great, but they generally have issues with poor traction if the car squats, and it'd take a lot of time to make it strong and rigid. A de-dion seems to be the best compramise, my only reservation is the strength of the beam.

With that in mind, I spent an hour tonight clearing up the table, and removing the remainder of the boot floor. I also fitted the rear portion of the cage, and decided that I'd need to lengthen it so it goes further back. It's currently a little too far forward to be able to mount the top of the rear dampers onto without excessive messing about. If I move it back, then everything'll fit much more easily.

I'm a little unsure if I should solid mount the diff. All of the production cars I've seen have some give in the rear diff which is probably to give less noise, and to enhance the life of the diff. I want to solid mount it, but I don't know if there's any reason why I shouldn't do it!

Once I had the tabe clear, I thought I'd depress myself with a todo list. It's huge! I'm going to tidy it up and get it all in the right order, then I'll put it up here. I might even try to stick to it!

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