Well, I spent the weekend on the car. I separated the spaceframe from the shell, as I needed to access some of the welds, and now that all the strength is in the spaceframe I can pare the weight of the shell down to a minimum as it’s only there to keep the rain off. I started by removing some of the weight from the A pillars… I’m going to start weighing stuff as I’ve invested in some £3.75 argos barthroom scales. 🙂

After the separation, I spent 10 hours doing the welds underneath the car, and tidying up the ones I could now reach.

Some pics

Currently the spaceframe weighs 140kg including the rear diff (29kg). I still need to add some metal at the rear for the suspension mounts, the door bars, and the front suspension mounts, so that'll add maybe 25kg to 30kg to the weight of the frame. I've not weighed the shell, as it's all floppy and hard to weigh, but I'm keeping track of the weight I've lopped off the shell, and it's currently sitting at the 25kg mark (boot floor, lower a pillars), and there's loads more to come off (Arches, all structural A,B & C pillar stuff).

The Peugeot lump weighs 120kg with 1 head and no sump… the other head is just shy of 29kg so the engine will probably weigh 160kg with all bits attached and an alternator.

Which brings me to the engine. I've still been having the dilemma with the LS1, and I've kind of convinced myself that I would be able to make it fit, plus brian and others have been badgering me about it. So I'm going to perform another U turn and start saving for an LS6. There's very little point in going for an LS1 as it's only slightly more expensive to go for an ls6 ($1300 for a turnkey crate engine, or $500 for the bare engine). The LS6 is 405bhp and the LS1 is 340ish, so there's a very easy decision there :). Time to finish selling off all the stuff I don't need any more.

I've got a week off next week, and I'm going to use it to build the suspension, and to finish the frame. I'm ordering everything I'm going to need for the week at the moment, just a big metal order to go…..

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