Well, I got some work done on it at the weekend, but this week I've been at work, despite me having holiday booked!

Some pics…

The De-dion mocked up..

And then the sills. I've removed the old sills and replaced it with 1.5" box. Once the door bars are on the shell, then it'll be very rigid.

Any TIG Stitching gen?

I've built the strength into the space by honeycombing it with 1.5" 12 gauge box section. The box has strengthening plates welded in it at 2" intervals to strengthen it further.

So it's coming along nicely. I need to get hold of some sierra cosworth hubs as they're different to the XR4i ones I've got, and also need to get (either make or buy) the de-dion ears.

I've decided to cut and weld the de-dion tube in the middle and to use a watts linkage to locate it. that means I've minimised the bending forces in the tube as much as I can. I'm also mulling over the best way to mount the rear shocks and how to make the watts linkage mountings as rigid as possible.

I'm going to attempt to take the rest of my holiday as holiday, so I should get a load done this week. My aim is to:

Finish the drivers side sill, and rebuild the passenger side sill
Make the de-dion axle
continue the spaceframe back to mount the rear shocks, watts linkage and the rad
start on the tunnel
make the door bars
make a mock up of the fuel tank and figure out where all that and the pumps go
start the front suspension mounting points
fit the steering rack
Make the de-dion mounting points on the car.

I won't get all that done, but it'll keep me busy!

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