Well, friday didn't go completely according to plan… I refitted the shell a few times to verify the rear diff location, and also needed to check the ride height. On the bright side, the rear diff is now in the right place, and I can now make the rear framework up, knowing that it's all in the right place.

It's starting to look 'proper' 😉

I'm going to have to remake the front and rear arches slightly so I can have some more wheel movement. Hopefully it'll still retain most of the the manta400 shape. Having watched a fantastic duke video of derek bell nailing about in a porsche 956/962, and seeing the speed he's carring through some of the corners due to the ground effect/aero package, I'm smitten!

I'll have to keep the ride height low to minimise the air flowing under the car, and use something like stiff rubber or brushes to minimise air going under the bodywork. It'll be an extension to the project once it's all up and running.

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